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Timbales Marc Quinones Signature Elite


Signature Timbales

Designed in conjunction with one of today's premier percussionists, Marc's timbale set consists of standard 14" and 15" drums fitted with Remo Clear Ambassador heads, a double-braced tilting stand, and our top-selling PBL-30 Clave Block. The Polished Steel Timbale Shells have two inverse beads that not only add strength, but also produce a cutting "cascara" sound not hindered by normally outward facing beads.

To further the "cascara" striking area, these timbales feature a 5-Lug design that is proportioned perfectly for maximum shell space with less lug interference. Tuning is a breeze with the top tuning lug design. This exclusive Pearl design cuts head-changing time in half. No more nuts and washers falling on the floor! Finally, the cowbell post features a Sympathetic Sound Dampening sleeve that keeps cowbells and blocks from ringing through the stand.

Marc QuiƱones Signature Steel Timbales

Polished Steel Shells w/ 5 Lugs & Two Inverse Beads for Maximum Cascara Surface Area, Top Tuning Lugs for Ease of Tuning and Quick Head Changes, Quick Attach Cowbell Post w/ Sympathetic Sound Dampening Sleeve, Remo Ambassador Heads, Double-Braced Tilting Stand, PBL-30 Clave Block and Socket Wrench Included.

  • Signature Steel Timbales Remo Clear Ambassador
  • Speckled Black & Polished Steel Powder Coated Tuning Plates
  • Polished Steel Shell
  • ETE1415MQ Marc Quinones Signature Steel Timbales in Polished Steel