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Percussion Stands PD3000 Pro All Fit Djembe Stand


Pearl adds to its line of road ready percussion stands with the introduction of the new 3000 Series Pro Djembe Stand. A low center of gravity and sturdy tripod base form a foundation that will provide rock solid placement of your djembe.
The chrome plated PD3000 cradle features six 1” Spring-locking length adjustments that extend the cradle from 16” to 21” to accommodate all full-size djembes. The strap on the PD3000 also features a Lift-Loc buckle system that prevents loosening while you play.
You’ll never chase your djembe around the stage again when you have Pearl 3000 Series Pro Djembe Stands.
  • PD3000 Djembe Stand Fits All Djembes