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Percussion Stands 700/900 Series Bongo Stands


Bongo Stand Bongo Stand Bongo Stand Bongo Stand
  • PB900LW Fits Virtually All Bongos Double Braced Legs
  • PB700 Fits Virtually All Bongos Single Braced Legs
  • PB700BHS Bongo Attachment for PC300W
  • PB900BH Bongo Upper Tube Assembly features a Universal Fit Basket. This design is perfect to use with an ICON rack.
All-Fit Design
  • Both the 900 and 700 Series Bongo Stands feature our All-Fit design that fits virtually all bongos regardless of brand.
Quick On / Off
  • The 900 Series Bongo Stand features our exclusive "cradle" design allows bongos to be instantly moved from mounted to "between the knees" playing and back again.
  • Both the 900 and 700 Series Bongo Stands are tiltable for comfort and wase of playing. The 900 Series Bongo Stands include a strap to maintain security when tilting the bongos at steep angles.