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Hand Percussion Shekere



Pearl's PSK10 Fiberglass Shekere is an outstanding instrument featuring a precision formed, traditional shaped, fiberglass shell for increased volume and projection. It is about half the weight of traditional Shekeres and has adjustable tension beads allowing you to vary the sound. 


Pearl's Folkloric Shekeres are made from natural gourds. Used in the traditional Cuban "Guiro" style of music, Pearl's natural gourd Shekeres have a fiberglass resin coat interior for added strength and volume and feature an adjustable beaded netting.

  • PSK10
    Fiberglass Shekere Black Push-Lock Adjustable Bead Tension System
  • PSK50FC
    Traditional Natural Gourd Shekere
    Uno (small)
    (Pictured at bottom left)
  • PSK60FC
    Traditional Natural Gourd Shekere
    Segundo (Medium)
  • PSK70FC
    Traditional Natural Gourd Shekere
    Caja (Large)
  • PPS45
    Shekere Holder
    (Shown in left middle picture with Segundo Shekere)