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Hand Percussion Maracas


Maracus Maracus

The Beaded Maracas feature Shekere-style beads which offer an excellent sound with greater control, and foam handles for enhanced comfort.

Sonically paired at our factory, the Natural Hide Maracas offer the classic sound of traditional Latin music. The dry sound yields the player easy rhythmic syncopations because of the “egg” shape design. The wood handle is contoured for hours of comfortable playing.

The Maracabasa is a new innovative percussion accessory from Pearl Percussion, combining the functionality of a maraca and a cabasa in one handheld instrument. Featuring a ribbed fiberglass body wrapped in shekere-style beads. Simply shake to use as maracas or twist to use as a cabasa. Complete with comfort foam handle. Pick up Pearl Percussion's Maracabasa... two great instruments in one!


  • PFM20
    Beaded Maracas
    Fiberglass Body w/ Shekere-Type Beads
  • PFM50
    Maracas & Cabasa in one instrument
  • PRM20
    Natural Hide Maracas
    (Pictured in bottom left)