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Hand Percussion Folkloric



Pearl's Folkloric Shekeres are made from natural gourds. Used in the traditional Cuban "Guiro" style of music, Pearl's natural gourd Shekeres have a fiberglass resin coat interior for added strength and volume and feature an adjustable beaded netting.

The PCA14FC Folkloric Cata is a 13" - 16" bamboo instrument played with sticks, and comes with a mount that can be housed on any 3/8” rod.

The Traditional Bamboo Claves have an airy tone while the Chin-Chan Wood Claves feature a harder, brighter tone.

The Guataca, based off a gardening hoe, has scalloped edges for scarping with the included metal striker. The Guataca features a built-in mounting bracket that fits standard 3/8” posts for great metallic effects that will complement any percussion set or drum kit.

The Achere is a perfectly weighted single shaker with a handle used for time-keeping.

  • PSK50FC Uno Shekere
  • PSK60FC Secundo Shekere
  • PSK70FC Caja Shekere
  • PCA14FC Folkloric Cata
  • PCL10FCB Traditional Bamboo Claves
  • PCL10FCW Traditional Wood Claves
  • PGT10FC Folkloric Guataca
  • PAC10FC Folkloric Achere Square Head Single Shaker