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Djembes Elite


Elite Djembes Elite Djembes

The Djembe is a traditional African percussion instrument that offers a variety of sounds, perfect for drum circles and ensembles. Pearl has a range of Djembes to fit your needs.

Our Elite Series offers a choice of Oak or Fiberglass in 12.5", or a 14" Fiberglass model. All Djembes feature our Contour Crowns with authentic goatskin heads.

Contour Crown, Polished Steel Hardware, Goat Skin Heads, Strap Included.

  • PJW340
    12.5"x24" Tall Thai Oak Djembe in #511 Natural
  • PJF320
    12.5"x24" Tall Fiberglass Djembe in #602 Bistre Black
  • PJF350
    14"x28" Tall Fiberglass Djembe in #602 Bistre Black