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Congas Richie Flores Signature


Richie Flores

Why settle for one color when you can have solids, sparkles and fades all in one set of congas! With Richie Flores Signatures drums you can have it all! Richie's exclusive "Vertical" fade Lunar Eclipse finish transitions from dazzling Silver to Midnight Blue dusted in stellar sparkles as you turn the drums. The color possibilities are endless!

Thai Oak shells with Contour Crown Rims, brilliant chrome plated hardware, and our exclusive Self-Aligning Washer System for effortless tuning round out the features of these beautiful instruments.

Color-Changing Finish, Contour Crown w/ Hand-Selected Buffalo Skins, Polished Steel Hardware, Stand Mounting Bracket & Carrying Handle Attachment.

  • Buffalo Skins
  • Chrome Steel
  • Contour Crowns
  • 11", 11 3/4", 12 1/2" x 30" Tall
  • Thai Oak
  • PCW110DXRF527 Richie Flores Oak Quinto in Lunar Eclipse
  • PCW117DXRF527 Richie Flores Oak Conga in Lunar Eclipse
  • PCW125DXRF527 Richie Flores Oak Tumba in Lunar Eclipse
  • PSC110CG 11" Quinto Conga Bag
  • PSC117CG 11.75" Conga Bag
  • PSC125CG 12.5" Tumba Conga Bag