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Cajons Mach 3


Mach 3 Mach 3

The Mach 3 Cajon is the newest addition to the Sonic Boom cajon family and features a 100% Birch body with three isolated playing zones that simulate snare, bass and tom sounds. Internal chambers isolate these playing zones and prevent any cross-talk. Each chambers has a designated port on the rear of the cajon wih any additional port for increased bass.

Like other cajons in the Sonic Boom family, the Mach 3 Cajon features a backwards tilted front plate to provide the player with a comfortable playing position, eliminating the need to hunch over or rock the cajon backwards to strike the face.

This Made-in-America beauty has a multi-tonal impact like no other cajon on the market and is perfect for the small acoustic setting or larger amplified venues.

  • Birch
  • PBC1914M3
  • TBA