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Cajons 3D Cajon



Pearl Percussion has taken cajon innovation to a whole new dimension with the introduction of 3D Cajons. CNC cut designs adorn the sides of Pearl’s 3D Cajon Series and the newest model features a stylized blue wave. The 3D Cajon family allows the player to add another visual nuance to their musical voice. There is more than meets the eye with 3D Cajons.

On the inside we have shortened the wires on two sets of fixed snares and raised their position to create a larger bass strike zone. You no longer have to reach as far to hit the sweet spot. To punch up the snare response clear lacquer has been applied to the inside front faceplate. The result is a crispy snare attack that beautifully contrasts the low end rumble of the 3D Cajon.

  • PBC53D (Natural)
  • PBC53D536 (Tree)
  • PBC53D539 (Wave)
  • Asiatic Wood
  • Black Natural Finish
  • Colored Wood
  • TBA