Pearl Drums
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Bongos Wood Fiber


Wood Fiberglass

Since the inception of Pearl Percussion’s Elite Series of Congas and Bongos, the drums have been offered with 100% aged Thai Oak or Fiberglass shells. Now the Elite Series offers a combination of the two shell materials blended together. The new Elite Series Wood-Fiber shells deliver the best of both worlds; the superior cut and projection of Fiberglass warmed by the rich Thai Oak outer shell.

The Elite Series Wood-Fiber drums feature premium natural skin heads, polished Contour Crowns and Pearl’s exclusive Self-Aligning Washer System that isolates the tension hooks from the inner walls of the lugs for greater tuning ease. The Elite Wood-Fiber drums are finished in #648 Maduro Brown a super high gloss lacquer over the Oak Fiberglass shell.

  • High End Natural Cow Skin
  • Polished Steel Hardware
  • 7" & 8.5"
  • PWFB100DX648 - Bongos
  • PWFC110DX648 – 11” Quinto
  • PWFC117DX648 – 11.75” Conga
  • PWFC125DX648 – 12.5” Tumba
  • #648 Maduro Brown
  • PSCBB All-Fit Bongo Bag