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Junior Marching Series Jr. Marching Bass Drums

Junior Marching Series features lightweight, child-sized drums and carriers appropriate for the elementary and middle school aged percussionist.



For many years, Pearl has been the leader in the Japanese market with the Junior-sized drums for use in schools and drum clubs. With the advancement and proliferation of marching percussion in the US culture over the past decade, the time is right for teachers and parents to have access to a great quality instrument that is sized and priced right for our youngest musicians.

Pearl’s Junior Marching Series’ Poplar shells provide durability, while the age-appropriate sizes allow for even the smallest players to experience the joy and excitement of playing marching drums. Field-ready right out of the box, Junior Marching Series drums are finished in a classic #33 Pure White wrap and packaged with a matching pre-assembled white powder-coated carrier.


MJB1408/CXN33 14x8 bass drum with MCH20B Carrier 6.2 lbs.
MJB1608/CXN33 16x8 bass drum with MCH20B Carrier 7.1 lbs.
MJB1808/CXN33 18x8 bass drum with MCH20B Carrier  7.7 lbs.
MJB2008/CXN33 20x8  bass drum with MCH20B Carrier 8.8 lbs.