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CarbonCore PMTCC Tenor

Championship CarbonCore Tenors feature unique hybrid shells - 6 plies of Maple enhanced with an inner ply of ultra-light Carbon Fiber. The Maple promotes warmth and tone, while the Carbon Fiber boosts articulation and projection. CarbonCore Tenors sing with new life and cut like you've never heard before, all the way up to the 6" spock drums. Expressive, clear, and articulate across all drums throughout the entire dynamic range ...the Magics Inside.


6 Ply Maple Shell
  • Smooth, Warm, well-rounded tone. It's grain is the optimal choice for transparent finishing techniques.
Inner Ply of Carbon Fiber
  • The Magic's Inside. This ultra-light weight material boosts desirable high frequencies in the drum's sound. In combination with the 6 ply Maple shell, this inner Carbon ply gives boosted projection with a more pronounced, more expressive articulation.
Extra deep shells with Sonic Cut
  • Maximizes resonance and increases focus and projection
Shallow Cut Tom Option
  • Offers tight focus, articulation, and response while maintaining the warm, round Pearl tenor sound that has become the industry standard. Rich with great clarity, warmth of tone and precise projection. Reduced weight due to shallower shell depths, makes an easier instrument to carry for those who need to carry less.
Fully Rounded Bearing Edges
  • Eliminates unwanted overtones while enhancing depth and projection
2.3mm SuperHoop II
  • Increased Strength and Durability
Aluminum alloy tension casings
  • Years of dependable service under high tensions
6mm case-hardened tension bolts
  • Permits the highest tension without failure
Standard Lacquer Finish #103 Piano Black
  • Black Goes with Everything!  Please see FINISHES tab for additional FInish Options
  • 3 year shell warranty, and 1 year hardware warranty


CarbonCore Tenor drum shells offer the most expressive and complete sound ever available on the field. The Hybrid shells consist of 6 plies of Maple with an added inner ply of ultra-light Carbon Fiber. The inner ply of Carbon Fiber improves pronuciation and boosts projection across the full dynamic spectrum, while the 6 plies of Maple maintain the great tone and warmth characteristic of Pearl Championship Series.

Pearl's tenors are scientifically proportioned from diameter to depth, allowing for optimum shell vibration. These shell craftsmanship details continue to define Pearl's legendary tenor sound.



Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology utilizes a proprietary technique for achieving the ultimate air chamber. It begins with select woods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes, milled to precise thickness with overlapping scarf joint seams, for a perfect air-tight fit. The wood plies are saturated with Pearl’s proprietary “AcoustiGlue” that permeates every pore and dries to the exact consistency of the wood for optimum resonance. Finally, the plies are formed in high-temperature molds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to produce perfect drum shells that exhibit superior tone, optimal resonance and extreme strength.


Championship CarbonCore Tenors are available in 7 pre-configured combinations to meet your unique needs. All configurations below are Sonic-Cut , however the Shallow-Cut equivalent of each is available by special order.

Available in a choice of pre-configured packages to fit perfectly in your Corps or Band:
(All model numbers are for the Sonic-Cut Toms)

PMTCC8023/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC8023/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC8023/C  Chrome Hardware

PMTCC0234/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC0234/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC0234/C  Chrome Hardware

PMTCC68023/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC68023/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC68023/C  Chrome Hardware

PMTCC60234/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC60234/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC60234/C  Chrome Hardware

PMTCC668023/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC668023/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC668023/C  Chrome Hardware

PMTCC660234/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC660234/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC660234/C  Chrome Hardware

PMTCC680234/A  Polished Aluminum Hardware

PMTCC680234/B  Blackout Powdercoat Hardware 

PMTCC680234/C  Chrome Hardware

DimensionsModel NumberWeights
8/10/12/13 PMTCC8023/A 22.4 lbs
10/12/13/14 PMTCC0234/A 26.0 lbs
6/8/10/12/13 PMTCC68023/A 25.3 lbs
6/10/12/13/14 PMTCC60234/A 28.9 lbs
6/6/8/10/12/13 PMTCC668023/A 28.2 lbs
6/6/10/12/13/14 PMTCC660234/A 31.8 lbs
6/8/10/12/13/14 PMTCC680234/A 32.0 lbs


Standard Stocking Lacquer finish: #103 Piano Black


The NEW Varsity Wrap Series for Pearl CarbonCore, Championship Maple, and Pipe Series Marching drums makes showing your school spirit fast and easy!

Varsity series Finishes kick off your season right with 8 vibrant wrap finishes in the standard scholastic color palette for all Pearl Championship Lacquer series drums. Choose your school color and pick from Fade Top, Fade Bottom, or Burst styles that best fit your school’s spirit!




CX Airframe Tenor Carrier CST-1


The CX AIRFRAME Carriers feature a solid rod, form-fitting upper shoulder frame attached to a thin aluminum belly plate with extreme range of motion. The ACS (Agility Control System) Belt unites the player to their instrument for optimal stability in today’s modern use of body movement. The shoulder and belly pads are removable for cleaning and are built with a “Stealth” design; the Carriers practically disappear under the uniform. The new CXBB-1 Tenor back bar provides absolute level positioning of all of the toms and features a lightweight aluminum construction. For the first time, the customer will have the option to have a 6” AND 8” tom in their sextuplet configuration.


  • Removable Shoulder Pads For Cleaning
  • ACS Belt Unites Instrument With Player
  • No Small Parts To Keep Up
  • Fully Adjustable With A Standard Drum Key
  • Stealth Design Disappears Under Uniform
  • Includes CXBB-1Tenor Back Bar

Cases & Accessories


Tenor Stand

MTS3000 Marching Tom Stand


Tenor Cases
  • PD-8004 for Quad/Quint/Sextet


Tenor Covers

Pearl Drum Covers protect your investment from the wear and tear of the season.

  • MDCG-8024 for 8023 and 8024 combinations
  • MDCG-0234 for the 0234 combinations


  • MUH-10T clamps to the Superhoop II standard on all Pearl Championship tenors

Edge Gaurds

Pearl MTT100 Black Tenor Edge Guard attaches to the bottom of any set of Marching Tenors, giving each drum a professional look and protecting the bottom edge of the shell from damage. Each package includes 15 feet of trim, and will cover a Quint configuration. The Trim End Pieces, sold separately, clamp over the ends of the guard to give each drum a clean appearance.

  • MTT100, 15 feet of Edge Guard
  • NP264A/4, Set of 4 Trim End Pieces

Warranty & Schematics


Pearl drums, hardware, accessories and percussion instruments are designed and manufactured to provide the highest standards in quality, style, appearance and playing performance.  Pearl takes pride in its products and takes great care to utilize the best materials and the highest standard of craftsmanship in their manufacture.


General:  Pearl drums, stands, pedals, parts and accessories except as noted herein, purchased from an authorized Pearl dealer are warranted to the original retail purchase and shall be valid by item as indicated below and is not transferable. 

Shells (Marching):  Wood marching shells are guaranteed against material failure or going out of round for a period of three (3) years from the date of the original purchase.

Drum Hardware (Marching):  Drum hardware such as lugs, claws, tension rods, swivel nuts, strainers, and nuts and bolts are guaranteed against material failure and manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original purchase.

Hoops:  Wood hoops are guaranteed against material failure, ply separation, or going out of round for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original purchase. Metal hoops are guaranteed against material failure or going out of round for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original purchase.

Finish:  Except for “special finishes" (see below), both the lacquer finish and covered finish on Pearl drums are guaranteed for one (1) year; however, Pearl does not guarantee against deterioration by reason of corrosive atmosphere, extreme temperature or other external causes.


This Warranty Does Not Cover
This warranty shall not apply to the following: sticks, brushes, beaters, springs, straps, slings, heads, wire snares, cable snares, gut snares, snare cords/straps, cymbals, bass drum hoop protectors, or damage resulting from misuse, negligence, and/or alterations or additions to the product after acceptance.  Pearl’s warranty does not apply to failures caused by the following:  a.)  Improper maintenance or repair, including the installation of parts or components that do not conform to the quality and specification of the original.  b.)  Instruments that have been altered, modified or have been damaged through misuse, negligence or improper operation.  c.)  Instruments whose trademark, name or identification number has been changed or removed.  d.)  Instruments subjected to abnormal strain, neglect, abuse, modification or exposure to extreme variances in temperature or humidity.  e.)  Special Finishes - Drum hardware and stands ordered with Black Chrome plated, Gold plated, Satin Chrome plated, Black Nickel plated, and lacquered finishes are highly sensitive to cosmetic damage that can occur during normal handling and use.  Therefore, no warranty of any kind, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is provided against cosmetic defects or appearance damage to these finishes. 

The obligation created by this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective item at Pearl’s sole discretion.

Owner’s Responsibility
It is important that the owner/user be familiar with the proper maintenance and use of their Pearl instrument. Keep this warranty and proof of purchase in a safe place.  Be prepared to provide purchase information to avoid undue difficulties in determining eligibility for warranty protection. If any service is not performed by Pearl, it will terminate this warranty.

To Obtain Warranty Service
Warranty service may be obtained by first notifying the Pearl dealer from which the product was originally purchased.  Upon notification, the Pearl dealer must obtain Return Authorization from the Pearl Customer Service Department.  This number must be written plainly on the outside of the package or the returned shipping carton will be refused.  Returned merchandise must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt.  All freight and insurance must be prepaid by the original owner.  Pearl will stand return freight, provided the defect is adjudged to be covered by warranty.  Merchandise found to be not covered by warranty will be returned freight collect.

Warranty Limitations
This Limited Warranty is exclusive and made in lieu of all other warranties, and all implied warranties, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose which are hereby expressly disclaimed. In no event will responsibility be accepted for incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty may last. Therefore, the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to stat