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Softstep 2 Softstep 2 Softstep 2

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Softstep 2 is the world’s most powerful USB MIDI foot controller with gesture-sensitive pads registering pressure and position. Perfect for controlling Ableton Live, guitar processors and virtually anything that accepts MIDI control while providing LED feedback.

SoftStep 2 is the world's most powerful MIDI foot controller. SoftStep 2 is USB powered and compatible with any music software. Each pad detects foot pressure and directional movements, for a myriad of control possibilities. SoftStep 2 is fully customizable with the Editor software and is capable of sending Notes, CCs, Program Change, MMC, and OSC messages per pad. SoftStep 2 will also control 5-pin MIDI hardware without a computer, using the KMI MIDI Expander (sold separately). The software editor for SoftStep 2 is available at

The software editor for SoftStep 2 is available at (coming soon)


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