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07 Jul

New Crystal Beat Finish... Frost Acrylic

Clearly, Crystal Beat continues to give you more! Since reintroducing the seamless Acrylic shell they pioneered over 40 years ago, Pearl offers more sizes, finishes, and sonic value at this price-point than any other drum company.

The latest custom upgrade to be featured on our seamless Acrylic shell is new Frost Acrylic finish. This hand-coated, texture-blasted interior finish gives the clear exterior of each shell a unique translucent sheen. In contrast, the coating gives Acrylic’s normally brighter tone an added dose of sonic warmth and control.

“Frost Acrylic finish adds a very unique look and sound to the Crystal Beat line-up,” states Combo R&D Director Raymond Massey. “There is an added visual benefit to Frost Acrylic as well, in that installing the Drumlites dual LED system into these kits makes them ‘glow’ with an almost ethereal effect. These kits are classy, stylish, and blend into practically any visual motif an artist can devise!”

Crystal Beat Frost Acrylic kits will be available in four different pre-configured shell packs and available in component sizes from 8” to 24”.

To add more power to the mix, Pearl now adds 24x14” bass drums to Crystal Beat’s assortment of component drum choices, and expands the number of available shell packs to five with an added 24/16/13 set-up in all four available finishes.

CRB503P/C733   20x15 bass, 12x8 tom, 14x13 floor tom
CRB524P/C733   22x16 bass, 10x7 tom, 12x8 tom, 16x15 floor tom
CRB524FP/C733  22x16 bass, 12x8 tom, 14x13 floor tom, 16x15 floor tom
CRB525FP/C733  22x16 bass, 10x7 tom, 12x8 tom, 14x13 floor tom, 16x15 floor tom
CRB543P/C733   24x14 bass, 13x9 tom, 16x15 floor tom