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09 Aug

Blue Devils Win 17Th DCI Gold Medal and 2015 High Percussion Award

Performing their program “Ink”, the Blue Devils World Class Corps won in dramatic fashion with a score of 97.65 in achieving an unprecedented 17th Founders Trophy in one of the most competitive seasons in history. During the regular season, the lead had changed among the top 4 corps so many times that the standings were “too close to call” going into the Championship weekend. BD overcame a 4th place finish in Prelim competition on Thursday, improving to 2nd place in Semis, and taking the overall top award Saturday Night, and the High Percussion Award with a 3 night average score of 19.483.

For Pearl Marching Artist Scott Johnson, BD Percussion Arranger & Caption head, this was also his personal 17th Gold Medal, and 14th High Percussion Award. In his 10th season as Front Ensemble Caption Head and Arranger, Pearl Adams Artist Jim Wunderlich stated, “I have never seen a drum corps season like this one, it was amazing and at any moment it was seriously anyone's game. To be part of last years’ record breaking season… and to now have made history moving from 4th place on Thursday to 1st Saturday... Wow... I'm honestly so proud of my boys and girls.

BD posts to social media sites also commented that “It has been a remarkable season for the Blue Devils. The summer was inspiring as the chapters of Ink and all the characters came to life. Every member, staff, volunteer, and fan are a part of this grand accomplishment. Congratulations to our entire BD World for pushing the envelope and believing in our vision.”

The Blue Devils play Pearl’s CarbonCore FFX snare Drums with the OneTouch Snare release, CarbonCore tenors, with Championship Maple bass drums and CX AirFrame Carriers for the 2015 DCI Season. The Adams Artist and Concert Series Instruments with Endurance Field Frames filled out the Front Ensemble, and helped propel the ensemble towards its historic season finish.

You can see all the Pearl /Adams DCI coverage including photos, videos, and more at 

Congratulations to the Blue Devils!