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07 May

Arejay Hale with Crystal Beat and Drumlite

In 1973, Pearl set a benchmark in the drumming world with the introduction of Crystal Beat. A stunning combination of visual appeal and powerful, sonic attack, Crystal Beat’s revolutionary seamless construction was molded - not rolled - creating a strong acrylic drum system that could stand up to the rigors of touring.

By increasing shell thickness to 7mm, Crystal Beat’s modern acrylic shell is more flexible, less brittle, and deliver more body and tone than ever before. Its dual 45° bearing edge features a rounded apex, adding control, increased articulation, and punch to acrylic’s lively sonic nature. Available in three finishes: #730 Ultra Clear, #731 Ruby Red, and #732 Tangerine Glass. Click here for more information.

Introducing Drumlite: a quick, easy way to customize any drum set, and bring stage focus back where it belongs: on YOU!

  • Quick Plug-n-Play Setup: No Soldering, No Drilling, No Cutting
  • Illuminates drum shell interior with up to 16 different colors
  • Choose from four Flashing or Fading programmed presets
  • LED strips are shock-mounted and custom fitted to each size drum

On one or multiple drums in your set-up, Drumlite lets you create a unique statement that will outshine the rest! Click here for more information.