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17 Aug

Pearl Welcomes Monarch Independent Percussion

Pearl Corporation is proud to announce a new long?term partnership with Monarch Independent Percussion, a perennial WGI Independent World Class Championship Finalist and music education powerhouse based in Tomball, TX. Monarch will step off in 2019 with a full complement of industry leading Pearl Championship Marching Percussion and Adams Front Ensemble equipment.

Kyle Winn, President of Monarch Arts Education, Inc. states, “Monarch Independent has been fortunate to attract some of the most brilliant educators, gifted designers, and talented members available to the WGI community. Monarch is first and foremost a training ground for our members to develop the skills, connections, and experiences necessary to progress the pageantry arts in Texas. Our members will be the future designers, teachers, and role models. The Board of Directors is tasked with providing our members with the tools necessary to reach their potential of our mission statement—an ensemble that pushes the activity in new directions and takes risks both musically and visually."

Winn continues, "With those goals in mind, the Board is pleased to announce our ability to offer our members the best reason to play drums—Pearl battery instruments, and Adams keyboards. Monarch will partner with Pearl to provide our members with the highest quality instruments available on the market. These instruments will allow our designers and teaching staff the ability to expand our production to create greater demand and provide a fantastic musical journey for our audience.”

Steve Armstrong, Pearl’s Director of Marketing says, “We remain committed to making the finest instruments in the industry and having the best endorsers push them to their limits, it’s how we all grow. We are thrilled to welcome Monarch Independent Percussion to the Pearl/Adams team, and look forward to working together to further the missions we share in Texas and the entire pageantry arts community.”

For more information about Monarch Independent Percussion, visit