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12 Mar

Make The Ultimate Custom Statement!

Over the last 20 years, Ultimate Ears Pro has made over 100,000 handcrafted custom in-ear monitors for the world’s top touring musicians. Custom molded in-ears are a must for in-demand marquee drummers whether they’re practicing or performing in the studio or on stage.

Now, for a totally personalized statement, UE Pro is partnering with Pearl to offer Music City Custom drum set owners a free matching finish upgrade on custom molded in-ear monitors. A $200 value, UE offers all 36 Pearl MCC finishes, connecting the personality of the player to the visual and sonic character of the kit.

“Pairing Ultimate Ears Pro monitors with our Music City Custom program is an ideal fit,” states Pearl Combo Marketing Manager, Kevin Packard. “Just like a pair of custom molded in-ears, every Music City Custom kit is as unique as its owner. The way the drummer hears the instrument in play has a massive effect on performance. Adding the UE Pros to your practice and performance set-up helps sculpt the way you hear every instrument, and now there’s a visual element that just ties everything together!” 

"The quality and sound of Pearl’s drum kits are legendary - that's a given,” says Mike Dias, UE Pro Sales Director. “One thing was clear when we started talking with Pearl about how to best serve drummers: we had to let them match their in-ears with their kits. So we did. That’s the true ‘Artist Experience.’ That’s true custom!” 

Much like Pearl’s 14-day Music City Custom crafting guarantee, UE Pro offers totally personalized service for any MCC owner ready to step into the realm of customized audio monitoring.

To take advantage of this offer and for white-glove personalized service, simply email [email protected] and experience the difference for yourself.