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14 Jan

Winter NAMM 2010

Pearl Corporation delivers another round of cutting edge and innovative products for Winter NAMM 2010.

e-Pro Live is a revolutionary electronic drumset that looks, feels and sounds like real drums. All from the percussion industry’s leader, Pearl. VISIT THE NEW e-PRO SITE HERE...!

NEW Limited Edition MCX Master Series Finish... Honey Burst Mapa Burl. Masters MCX features the same 6-ply Maple shells and Masters quality hardware. This gives it a warm, full-bodied tone offer great sensitivity and sustain for the legendary Pearl Master's tone.

NEW VSX Vision Series Special Edition finish for 2010... Emerald Etimoe. VSX drumsets feature blended Birch Ply shells with 6/8 technology.

Elegantly Simple. Incredible Solid. These are the words that best describe the new CX and MX AIRFRAME Carriers from Pearl, which combine a lightweight, simplistic design with rugged durability. Field tested by the Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, this revolutionary breakthrough in Carrier design is highly adjustable with minimal moving parts, making this the perfect Carrier for players of all sizes and skill levels.

Pearl is reintroducing their Elite Congas/Bongos with two new gorgeous finishes, the Elite Oak drums in Cherry Eucalyptus with gold plated hardware, and the Elite Fiberglass drums in Burgundy Marble with brushed gold plated traditional hardware. They will also be releasing a beautiful new finish for their entry-level Primero Congas/Bongos. These beautiful drums come packed with professional features at a great price, and are finished in a majestic Ebony, with realistic wood-grain pattern on a lightweight Fiberglass frame.

Pearl’s new Boom Box Cajon is creates never-before-heard low-end frequencies from a Fiberglass cajon! This cajon features the high-quality construction with a fixed snare system and a built-in bass port for subsonic frequencies you have to hear to believe!

The Fun Box features the same bright yellow finish with tribal inlay as the Fun Drum, and its durable Fiberglass construction makes it a perfect addition for use in Eddie Tuduri’s Rhythmic Arts Project program.

Pearl’s EZ Tune Djembe is the first djembe ever to combine the traditional look and feel of a rope djembe with the modern functionality of a mechanical tuning system. Available in 12.5” or 14” sizes and with traditional oak or lightweight Fiberglass.

The NEW New Yorker cowbells are specially designed to create the signature salsa sound, with the volume and durability to handle any musical situation. The Marc Quinones Timbal bell is the ultimate salsa campana bell. Similarly built to the New Yorkers, with its one-piece steel construction, this bell is engineered to cut through the largest latin ensembles. This is the only salsa bell approved by Marc Quinones, and is the only salsa cowbell you will ever need.

Pearl has created the Jesus Diaz Radial Edge Cajon to finally produce the authentic sound and feel of the traditional cajon, with modern features to enhance comfort, playability and sound. The radial edge of the cajon provides a contoured design for an unprecedented level of comfort. It’s high-end wood construction, fixed snares and luxurious Artisan Rosewood finish make this the ultimate Box Cajon for the percussionist looking for the richest cajon experience possible.

Pearl’s line of Brazilian Percussion brings modern refinements and Pearl quality to the traditional Samba musician. Our Repinique’s now feature lightweight yet sturdy steel shells with etched heads, shoulder straps and low rims for incredible playing comfort. The lightweight wood shell Surdos allow for hours of comfortable play when worn over the shoulder with the provided strap. Now available in 18”x22”, 20”x18” and 22”x22” sizes (diameter x depth), Pearl’s popular Surdos continue to become the industry standard. The timbao is a Brazilian conga-type drum made from lightweight fiberglass, and is capable of the extremely high tension utilized in tradition Brazilian ensembles. The Rocar is equipped with brass and steel platinellas, and can be played as a single shaker, or separated for two-handed sonic options.

Pearl is proud to offer Concert Percussion instruments that are attractively priced for school ensembles, yet engineered with the professional percussionist in mind. The new symphonic tambourine is a perfect example. Its 17 pairs of specially aged, stamped brass jingles provide a dry, yet bright tone that brings added color and to any musical situation. The castanets are pitch-paired and made from Chin Chan wood. The rattler is another vital component to any concert percussionists’ equipment, and holders for the rattler and castanets are also available.

Adams has released new custom case sets for its legendary Marimbas. These cases are specially designed to protect all parts of the instruments, as well as simplify transportation. There are separate bag sets for the 5.0 Artist Marimba, the 4.6 Marimba and the 4.3 Marimba. Each set of bags also has special storage for the Voyager Frame that accompanies each instrument.

Pearl will now be distributing the Adams line of concert bass drums. Constructed of the highest quality Mahogany for incredible warmth and low end response, these bass drums come standard in a beautiful lacquer finish. Adams Concert Bass Drums are also fitted with 2” wide wooden hoops and Remo Fiberskyn III heads. Adams concert bass drums are available in 4 diameters (28”, 32”, 36”, 40”) and either 18” or 22” depths. Suspension stand included.

Adams introduces the Schnellar Series timpani, the infamous sound of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam – a sound now available to the rest of the world for the very first time. A unique base with only three legs was developed to enhance the tonal character of a unique tuning system, in which the tension rods and head stay stationary, while the bowl itself moves vertically to change pitch. Adams Schnellar timpani are available in 20”, 23”, 25”, 26”, 28”, 29” and 32” sizes.

Adams Professional Series Timpani offer an unbelievably affordable price for an instrument of this quality. All Professional Series Timpani provide two wheels, each designed with a braking mechanism that prevents the wheel from not only turning, but also from rotating. Adams Professional Series Timpani are offered in all standard sizes, and are available in Hammered Cambered Copper, Polished Copper, Hammered Copper and Fiberglass bowl materials.