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22 Jan

NAMM 2015

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Limited Edition Wood Fiberglass Kits
Having pioneered the fusion of Fiberglass material to wood drum shells in the late 60’s, Pearl is proud to announce the return of Wood/Fiberglass Series drums as a limited production offering in 2015. 

True to the legacy set by their innovative forefathers, new Wood/Fiberglass drums’ 7-ply Poplar/Kapur shell features an inner layer of Fiberglass that is hand-applied and lacquered through a painstakingly precise process. To further sculpt the tone of these unique drums, a sharp 45-degree edge is cut on the toms of each kit, while the bass drums feature a fully-rounded bearing edge. This brings focus to the Kapur wood’s darker tonal qualities and accentuates the sonic cut of Fiberglass; delivering a unique combination of warmth, projection, and focused decay.

Pearl’s limited production run of new Wood/Fiberglass drums will include three traditionally-sized 3-piece shell packs. Four customized lacquer finishes have been selected from the Reference Series palette including #103 Piano Black, #151 Platinum Mist, #152 Antique Gold, and #327 Satin Cocoa Burst, each in homage to the classic colors of the original wood/fiberglass kits.


New Export and Export Lacquer Finishes
The kit that spawned thousands of drumming legends, Pearl’s Export Series continues to be the choice of aspiring student percussionists and beyond. New for 2015, Pearl is offering the inspirational Export Series in two fantastic new finishes, #708 Grindstone Sparkle wrap and #255 Nightshade Lacquer.


e-Pro Cocktail Kit
Pearl Corporation is proud to introduce a new electronic drumset designed for today’s drummer/percussionist, the e-Pro Cocktail Kit! This kit is a modern version of an old school design with unlimited sound possibilities.

This kit is the first multi-zone electronic Cocktail Kit utilizing seven programmable triggers that can be assigned with any of the 1000 HD sounds found in the Pearl module. The layering capability of the can produce endless possibilities for percussion and drumset design. The e-Pro Cocktail Kit is specially designed for drummers and percussionists who want to have a distinctive look on stage while equipped with an endless arsenal of sound.


ePro Powered by Export
ePro Powered by Export is the new generation of electronic drums from Pearl. We have combined the power of E Pro Live with our Export series to give you the real look and feel that today’s drummer demands. ePro Powered by Export is available in both Lacquer and Wrap finishes and includes the new EHH-2 Hi Hat controller. The module (RBM-20MUL) features 1000 HD sounds and 150 programs, and covers everything from Acoustic drums to Hybrid combinations; and if that wasn’t enough, you can use it as an acoustic kit, electronic kit or create a hybrid combination of both that gives you endless possibilities.


Chad Smith Tricolon Free-floating Signature Snare Drum
From master drummer to celebrity doppelgänger, Chad Smith is a man for all seasons. A loyal Pearl artist for over 20 years, Chad’s Pearl Signature Snare has been a mainstay for drummers around the world since 1994. The new Chad Smith Tricolon Free-Floater snare drum is the crowning achievement in true percussive perfection, taking its name from the Latin phrase meaning “three equal parts”. The drum features three interchangeable 3mm rolled shell rings housed in Pearl’s Free Floating snare frame; two of brass, one of steel. This allows for multiple tonal combinations when stacked in different orders and total resonant freedom from attachment hardware. “I came, I saw, I conquered! I’ve finally found MY sound,” Chad proclaims. “Three rings of power! This one does it ALL!” Hurry to pick up this amazing collector’s item as there is a limited quantity of this signature item, with only 50 pieces available in the USA.


Afterburner Cajon
the new USA made Afterburner Cajon, featuring dual rear-firing ports that resemble the exhaust on a classic hotrod. The Afterburner Cajon is 100% Birch, with a premium natural grain finish. From the designer of the Sonic Boom Series cajons, the Afterburner Cajon delivers the rich, low-end punch you expect from a Pearl cajon.


Banda Tambora and Timbales
Pearl Percussion proudly introduces a new series of Banda Percussion Instruments. Banda is a brass-based form of traditional Mexican music accompanied by woodwinds and percussion which play a wide variety of songs, including rancheras, corridos, cumbias, baladas, and boleros. Pearl hopes to serve this growing market with the introduction of a Banda Tambora and Timbales. The Banda Tambora is a 24” x 18” bass drum that includes a cymbal mount and comes standard with a collapsible stand and mallet. The Tambora is covered in a durable #33 Pure White wrap finish. The Banda Timbales are larger than traditional timbales and feature Steel shells 15” and 16” in diameter and 10” in depth with a chrome finish; providing greater volume and maximum bass tone. Banda Timbales include a cowbell mount and a double braced stand for sturdy support during performance.


CentiGRADE Cajon
The new CentiGRADE Cajon, the cajon designed for maximum player comfort. The cajon’s unique design features a front faceplate with 100 degrees of angle which allows the player to sit with proper posture and reduces stress on the lower back. The cajon’s fiberglass shell is finished in an exquisite Mango Cherry Burst finish and features a blended Asiatic hardwood faceplate which provides a crisp, articulate voice with remarkable projection. The CentiGRADE Cajon features a molded rear-side bass port that creates a deep inner resonance chamber, funneling bass tones to provide an amazingly resonate bass sonority.


New Elite Congas and Bongos Color
Pearl Percussion is proud to introduce Satin Black, a new finish in Elite Series Congas, available on the Quinto, Conga, Tumba, and matching Bongos. You can see this finish every night on the Tonight Show in Frank Knuckles’ percussion rig. The Satin Black lacquer finish is complemented by gold hardware, making these drums look as rich as they sound. Pearl’s Elite Series Oak congas feature Contour Crowns that practically disappear under your hands for comfort you have to experience to believe. The drums also come standard with rubber shell guards and Pearl’s exclusive Self-Aligning Washer System for effortless tuning.

Field Percussion instruments
Pearl's new line of Field Percussion instruments specifically designed for outdoor use; never fear taking your percussion instruments outside into the elements again! The line includes a Djembe, Shime Taiko, Congas, and Shaker; providing a durable set of instruments for your front ensemble or rhythm section. Pearl’s Field Percussion instruments feature a protective, textured black lacquer finish to match visually with your ensemble, and come outfitted with resilient all-weather Remo NuSkyn and Fiberskyn heads for indoor and outdoor use.
The 14” Field Percussion Djembe and 10”/11” Congas feature a weather resistant fiberglass body that delivers a thunderous low-end tone; while the 10” Field Percussion Shime Taiko is a Thai Oak stave construction with enough cut and clarity to be heard at the top of the bleachers. The 21” Field Percussion Shaker is one of the biggest on the market, and features a hexagonal body and internal chamber to produce a truly massive sound.


Log Drums
Pearl is proud to announce the introduction of Log Drums as part of our concert percussion family. Log drums provide a unique wooden sonority, a voice popularly used in concert bands and percussion ensembles. The Pearl Log Drums are available in 25” and 30” lengths and are constructed of Acacia wood with Mahogany tops. The resonance chamber of the body is glue-formed without the use of pegs or nails. Four air suspension rubber feet enhance the resonance and contribute to the earthy sound of these instruments.


Mach 3 Cajon
The new USA made Mach 3 Cajon, the newest addition to the Sonic Boom cajon family. The Mach 3 Cajon’s 100% Birch body features three isolated playing zones that simulate snare, bass and tom sounds. Internal chambers isolate these playing zones and prevent any cross-talk. Each chambers has a designated port on the rear of the cajon with any additional port for increased bass. Like other cajons in the Sonic Boom family, the Mach 3 Cajon features a backwards tilted front plate to provide the player with a comfortable playing position, eliminating the need to hunch over or rock the cajon backwards to strike the face. This Made-inAmerica beauty has a multi-tonal impact like no other cajon on the market and is perfect for the small acoustic setting or larger amplified venues.


Primero Rock Tambourine
The new Primero Rock Tambourine, featuring six double-sets of Millennium Chrome Jingles housed in a 9” matte black oval frame. The jingles have a bright, cutting tone which can easily be heard over the ensemble. This tambourine’s built-in handle “fits like a glove”, and the 9” oval is the perfect size for drumset players to place on a crash or hi-hat cymbal, allowing plenty of room to strike the cymbal for sympathetic jingles.


Pearl Revamps Championship Series Battery for 25th Anniversary
Pearl Drums is proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debut of Championship Series Marching Percussion; commemorating this remarkable milestone with a revamp in weight, aesthetic, and functionality of the battery series that transformed the marching percussion activity years ago. In pageantry, every detail counts, and the new Championship Series gives the player every advantage possible with lighter weight, improved function, and no loss in the supreme quality of sound for which Pearl’s Championship battery is famous.
New for 2015, the FFX Snare Drum now features Pearl’s new OneTouch Snare Release. By removing the strainer’s unnecessary components, the drum is over 2lbs lighter than its predecessor and, in conjunction with Pearl’s CX Airframe carriers, allows for swifter movement and less fatigue than ever before. The new OneTouch snare release is designed to provide the purest of snare sonorities while making it the lightest, most agile FFX ever! Pearl’s Championship Tenors have been upgraded with a new tom spacer, allowing for tighter configurations and less play between the drums in respect to drum angles, twisting, and vibration without sacrificing sound quality, tone, or projection. Finished in a classy black powder coat, Pearl’s new Championship tenor spacers are sure to look sharp with any ensemble.
Outfitted with a sleek new badge, the next age of marching percussion has arrived!


CXSA-2 Snare Attachment
The CXSA-2 easily attaches to any brand’s snare drum tension posts and allows for greater drum angle adjustment than ever before. The new attachment is 12.5% lighter than its predecessor, removing weight to provide every bit of comfort and speed possible to the player. Structurally sound and resilient, the CXSA2 allows for 32 total
degrees of angle adjustment, with 22 degrees downward; allowing larger players to wear the drum in a comfortable, level position. The new CXSA2 will be sold with Pearl’s CX Airframe snare drum carriers.


Pearl Offers Level Bar and Leg Rest for Showband Use
Pearl is proud to offer new solutions for the showband-style battery, presenting the LR60 Leg Rest and the MH50 Level Bar for FFX snare drums. The LR60 offers a robust, sturdy leg rest which fits on any 12-lug drum with tension posts. Boosted padding and a durable folding mechanism make this leg rest a must have for every drumline. Take the field with confidence with Pearl’s LR60 Leg Rest! The MH50 Level Bar provides the ability to carry your snare drum via a sling. Fitting onto the FFX’s edge ring via standard drumkey bolts, the MH50 Level Bar securely holds the drum without inhibiting the top head’s tuning range or sound quality. The MH50 is compatible with Pearl’s SLG100 sling and features 11 preset clip points to affix the drum in a comfortable playing position.


Pearl Marching Percussion Varsity Finish Options for 2015
Pearl Drums is excited to introduce Varsity Series lacquer finishes for Championship Series Marching Percussion products. Known for their durable yet exquisite finishes, Pearl provides more color options than ever before!
Pearl now offers 8 illustrious colors in 4 popular patterns as part of the Varsity Series to give your drumline the look to match their school spirit. Patterns include top fade, bottom fade, burst, and Pearl’s exclusive spiral lacquer finishes in colors including blue, yellow, red, green, garnet, purple, orange, and black. These 32 finishes will be available for special order via your Authorized Pearl Dealer. Championship CarbonCore will be stocked in the classy #368 Black Silver Burst, while Championship
Maple Series is now offered in #360 Silver Sparkle lacquer, as well as two classic wraps that are sure to fit your ensemble’s needs; #46 Midnight Black and #33 Pure White. Utilizing a high-grade wrap, these 6-ply Maple shells look as superior as they sound. For those looking for a distinct, custom finish, Pearl offers their illustrious drumset lacquer and wrap finishes on marching percussion products as special order. Hardware options include polished aluminum, chrome, and 8 powdercoat colors. With more finish and hardware options than ever before, Pearl can outfit your battery with the exact look to match your school or organization’s colors and


Pearl Introduces The Lightest, Fastest, Most Agile FFX Ever
Pearl Drums is proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debut of Championship Series Marching Percussion; commemorating this remarkable milestone with the introduction of the new OneTouch Snare Release. This strainer is a revamp in weight, aesthetic, and functionality of the FFX snare drum that transformed the marching percussion activity years ago. In pageantry, every detail counts, and the OneTouch gives the player every advantage possible with lighter weight, improved function, and the supreme quality of sound for which Pearl’s free-floating marching snare is famous.
Equipped with the OneTouch, Pearl’s FFX Snare Drum is now over 2lbs lighter than its predecessor and, in conjunction with Pearl’s CX Airframe carriers, allows for swifter movement and less fatigue than ever before. The OneTouch’s simple design allows you to easily remove the guts for fast head changes, and effortlessly relatches when you’re ready to play. The new OneTouch snare release is designed to provide the purest of snare sonorities. Championship Series FFX Snare drums will be outfitted with the OneTouch snare release starting in 2015.


Rhythm X to Field Wind Ensemble with Adams Marching Brass
Pearl Corporation is proud to announce the debut of the Rhythm X Wind Ensemble, competing in the new Winds Division of Winter Guard International this season. This new ensemble will be the first competitive ensemble to field Adams Marching Brass, an prominent milestone in the illustrious history of Adams Musical Instruments.

“Pearl/Adams is honored to announce a partnership with one of the most recognizable groups in WGI history, Rhythm X, in our launching of Adams Marching Brass. If our recent successes with Rhythm X are any indicator of the future, we know the tradition of innovation and excellence seen year after year will continue. Sharing the same
high expectations made this partnership an easy decision for everyone at Pearl/Adams. We are committed to bringing the highest quality of marching brass available to Rhythm X and are proud to be involved with their world class design team. We are excited to play an integral role in this new division of WGI, and look forward to many
successful seasons.” – Dan McNally, Marketing Manager-Adams Marching Brass

“When deciding to enter the inaugural season of WGI Winds, we wanted to find a brass instrument that catered to this athletic activity but with the highest possible quality of sound. With the success of Adams Custom Brass and the incredible quality we are accustomed to with their concert percussion equipment, Adams made the decision
very easy.”- Mike Scott, CEO of Rhythm X, Inc.

Adams has created some of the world’s finest handcrafted trumpets, flugelhorns, euphoniums, and tubas in their Custom Brass Series for nearly a decade, leading Adams to make a premium product line for universities, drum corps and marching bands alike. Hand hammered bells, proprietary stainless steel valves, and ample all-brass
braces are all standard features on Adams Marching Brass. Every instrument is handmade in Holland, drawing from the years of traditional techniques used to craft one of the most respected brass series available, Adams Custom Brass. Players will agree that Adams has not only crafted a desired marching series from the ground up,
but will also deliver one of the most durable products available.


University Frame: The Advanced Degree Upgrade for your Artist Marimba
Adams introduces the new University Frame for Artist Series Marimbas that will add new life and good looks to your existing MAHC or MAHV Artist Series Marimbas. Combining the durability of solid steel construction with the stylish looks of solid French oak accents, the University Frame answers the physical demands of any active program and adds a touch of elegance to any concert stage. The University Frame completely replaces the existing Voyager or Endurance Field Frame legs and end
caps to create a completely new instrument that will add decades to the life of your instrument. Simply remove your bars, rails, and resonators from your existing frame, and place them on the University Frame to experience your marimba again like the day it was brand new! The Adams University Frame is available in finishes that match the Amber Oak of your Artist Classic MAHC or the Black Tolex of the Artist Series MAHV and MAKF Endurance Field Frame Series in 4.3, 4.6, or 5.0 octave ranges, complete with durable double-locking casters and the Patented Adams Voyager Height Adjustment system.


Pearl Flutes Forza Cut Headjoint Available Stock
Pearl Corporation is proud to announce the availability of the Forza headjoint on all Quantz Series flutes without an upcharge. The Forza headjoint is the standard headjoint for Pearl’s Elegante and Dolce Series flutes and is suitable for a more advanced player, enabling superior projection, increased dynamic spectrum, unrivaled clarity of articulation, and a dazzling rich tone. Now, flautists can experience added flexibility and less resistance while using the more sophisticated Forza headjoint cut.
The Elegante Series has consistently been one of Pearl’s best-selling instruments, and the Forza headjoint is one of the main reasons why. Now the advancing flautists may choose to add a superior headjoint to their Quantz Series.