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07 Jun

Duff Timpani Masterclass

Duff Timpani Masterclass
June 7 -11, 2010

Hosted by Dr. James Snell
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance
Sponsored by Pearl & Adams

Cloyd Duff was recognized as one of the finest timpanists of the 20th century, known the world over for his beautiful, singing sound and his flawless musicianship.  Since 1982 the Duff Timpani Masterclass has attracted timpanists from across the country and around the world.  Students and teachers, amateurs and professionals alike, attend this annual event to learn about the Duff school of playing: a unique approach to the timpani encompassing every aspect of the instrument, from the fundamentals of technique to the most advanced orchestral repertoire.  Under the directorship of Cloyd Duff's longtime assistant Jim Atwood, the Duff Timpani Masterclass has been expanded to include sessions on instrument maintenance, stick making, calf head tucking, changing and clearing heads, and a mock audition program.  Joining Jim once again this summer is the renowned performer and teacher, Tom Freer of the Cleveland Orchestra.  Space is limited to 25 full participants; once those spaces have been filled, additional applicants will be registered as auditors for a reduced fee.


SCHOLARSHIP: The family of Cloyd Duff has established a student scholarship fund in Mr. Duff's memory.  For more information, please visit our Web Site.

DEADLINES: April 30 registration and deposit deadline.

TUITION: $395 full participant; $295 auditor



Jim Atwood, Duff Timpani Masterclass Director; Principal Timpanist, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra; Instructor of Percussion, Loyola University, New Orleans

Tom Freer, Percussionist and Assistant Principal Timpanist, Cleveland Orchestra
2009 Duff Timpani Masterclass Participants Have Said:
"This workshop has absolutely opened my eyes in a way that I could not have imagined.  I am so thankful that you put this workshop on and are so generously welcoming and sharing with everyone that attends.  I definitely want to come back next year.  I think it is such an incredible experience and so important for percussionists to learn about Cloyd Duff and his approach to the timpani."

"I had a fantastic time at this year's Duff class!  We joked about this line on the first day of class, but I really am one of the people for whom this week could be described as 'life-changing.'  My whole approach to playing timpani has changed . . . ."

"This was a very impressive week, in every way; it was well organized, and executed with all the elements of the class apparently well thought out and clearly presented from start to finish.  I'm going to enthusiastically recommend this class to my students and my colleagues.  Thank you for a wonderful timpani experience!"