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03 Apr

From Pearl Drummers Forum To The Stage

New Pearl Artist Matt Marquez of Haste The Day has the rare oppertunity of moving up through the music industry while being a longtime member of Pearl Drummers Forum. We asked Matt to give us a timeline of becoming a member of the PDF to what he's presently doing.

"The Pearl Drummers Forum (PDF) has always been a place for me and many others to talk about drums, life, music, share ideas, and learn from other's experiences. My association with Pearl began long before I started playing professionally.  At age 10, I received my first kit... a Pearl Export in Wine Red and I loved it so much! It was a standard 12/13/16/22/14x6.5 snare drum (I added an 8/10 five years later) and I played it in my high school drumline and jazz band. I practiced every day after school and listened to all the albums my parents had. The music was fun and learning actually came pretty natural to me. My parents saw my level of dedication and I was given a Pearl SRX Session Series kit as an early graduation gift. By that time, I had started playing with friends in town and making a name as a working drummer.

I joined the Pearl Drummers Forum in 2002 and I'm very thankful I did! The PDF was the perfect source for me to personally get in touch with like-minded drummers and ask about their experiences. I spent a lot of time reading about so many topics as well as posting pictures of my drums and updates of my gig experiences. After graduating in 2003, I was heavily involved in the local band scene. My taste in music was broadening and the PDF was there to turn me on to new bands.

Late 2008, I was offered a drum tech position for the always-touring rock band, Norma Jean. I had experience in all the drum tech basics, but for the reassurance of knowledge, I turned to the PDF once again for tips, tricks and trade secrets. While on the road with the band, I would get online whenever I could to update the PDF on what was going on and see what everyone else was up to. The PDF made me feel at home while I was away from my "actual home".

By the time 2009 rolled around, I got a call to audition for the band Haste The Day. We coordinated my flights and arranged rehearsal days so I could come in and jam. I have to admit that after being a drum tech for the last six months, I wasn't too sure what would become of my audition. Luckily, it was a thrilling experience and we all had an awesome time playing and getting to know each other within that week. Of course, I was keeping the PDF in on the whole process and how stoked I was to get a chance to audition with a band I had loved for so long. I got a call two days later to let me know that I was picked to fill the drumchair! The PDF members immediately found out about the good news and were very supportive. I received a message from Pearl only days after being accepted into the band and I could not believe what I was reading! It was a true dream come true! I was going to get my hands on some awesome shiny new Pearl gear for the road!

The last two and a half weeks, I have been spending time away from home preparing for the upcoming "Saints and Sinners Tour" with my new family Haste The Day.  I've had Pearl kits ever since I was 10 years old I and wasn't about to make a change now. I'm going to be rocking a new Masters Series MCX kit in Diamond Glitter! The drums did awesome at the warm-up shows and sounded incredible! I cant wait to see how they sound under the mics at all the venues we'll be rocking on this next tour. The kit feels big, sounds big, and shakes the floor! Playing music I love, on a drumset I love,  and seeing fans screaming our lyrics (and air drumming) is an adrenaline rush like no other! It still humbles me so much thinking of how amazing things have turned out.

I'm so unbelievably thankful to have Pearl Drums and the PDF in my corner through these life changing experiences with me!