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15 Jan

NEW Adams Revolution Timpani

The Revolution Timpani have a number of patented developments that combine truly professional performance sound quality with an innovative balanced action pedal system, height adjustment system, wide range hand fine-tuner, and a removable, folding base for true portability.  For the first time ever, calf heads can used on a balanced action pedal and an octave can be achieved from each drum with the range tuner. The Revolution Timpani are the most practical, portable, high quality Timpani ever created.

The base and bowl of the Revolution Series easily separate without tools, making these the only truly portable high quality drums available. When separated from the base, each Revolution drum maintains tension and has a range of a 5th, using the fine-tuning feature. The base itself folds and locks, and can be easily carried away using the built-in handle.  The oversized double locking swivel casters, combined with the permanently installed locking third wheel assembly on the pedal, help the Revolution drums glide with finger-tip effort.   Padded bags are available to protect the drums while in transport, with heavy-duty handle straps that make moving the Revolution drums easier than any other balanced action drum.  

Revolution timpani are available in standard 20”, 23”, 26”, 29” and 32’ inch sizes in Fiberglass, Copper and Hand-hammered copper bowl options.  Drums can be ordered with or without the fine-tuner feature and include tuning gauges, drop covers, 1 pair of mallets, and mutes.   With the introduction of the Revolution timpani, Adams once again proves they are the world leader in timpani and percussion development.

Adams Revolution timpani are proudly distributed by Pearl Corporation of Nashville, TN. For more information contact your favorite Pearl and Adams dealer, or go to