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26 Oct

Warrant Live at The Canyon Club in LA

Recently, the multi-platinum winning rock band Warrant came through town with Pearl artist Steven Sweet rocking the drums for them. Warrant, who is most well known for their chart topping hit “Cherry Pie” has been rocking for over 20 years and, judging from their performance the other night, they won’t be slowing down any time soon. With eight Top 40 hit singles in their career, Warrant helped to pave the way for most modern day rock bands, and they certainly proved to even the youngest of fans in attendance why they are one of the best rock bands to still grace the stage today.

Steven Sweet is the drummer backing up Warrant night after night. His solid time keeping, spot-on drum fills, and impeccable backing vocals help in making Warrant’s live show sound exactly like the songs and albums that we’ve all come to know. Pearl’s Reference Series in Purple Craze (#193) is Steven’s choice when it comes to drums. His kit consists of the following sizes:
Reference Series in Purple Craze (#193)
22x18 - kick drum
10x8 - rack tom
12x9 - rack tom
13x10 - rack tom
14x14 - floor tom
16x16 - floor tom
14x6.5 - 20 ply Reference Series snare

Steven’s Reference Series kit held the perfect tones for a rock kit. The deeper sized shells really helped to pull the warmer mid-ranges out of the rack toms where the 14” and 16” floor toms provided plenty of depth. His 22” mahogany/maple kick drum allowed for plenty of punch along with great response and body. To round out the kit, Steven’s 14x6.5-20 ply Reference snare gave the depth, crack, and attack that is so commonly heard in Warrant’s music.

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