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24 Apr

Virgil Donati Clinic @ Lone Star Percussion

Lone Star Percussion has been serving drummers everywhere since 1978 and they certainly treated them well on April 21st! The store welcomed Virgil Donati for an evening of advanced drumming for their customer's pleasure. Earlier in the afternoon, Pearl Sales Representitive Bob Sabellico conducted an Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal presentation which allowed drummers to try out the pedal during this four-hour window. 

The clinic opened with our Reference/SST multimedia presentation which gives an overview of the series and how our shells are made. After the clinic, Marketing Events Manager Raymond Massey heard comments like “I never knew how shells were made before” and “your presentation really helped me really understand the Reference Series” so it was easy to comprehend and well received.

Virgil used a Granite Sparkle Reference Series "air tom kit" with the new Eliminator Demon Drive Pedals. The pedals that were shipped were not his personal set but he took the new ones out of the box, lowered the beater height, and said, “Ahhh, this feels great!”. Although the auidence was prepared for 75 minutes of Virgil's amazing drumming, he was inspired to play for 2 amazing night for everyone!

Our thanks to Jeff Nelson, Scott Zender, and the staff at Lone Star Percussion.