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05 Dec

Travis Orbin Releases Darkest Hour Play-Along

Pearl artist and drumming-madman, Travis Orbin, has released some truly-incredible new footage that requires your immediate attention.  A side-step from his usual jaw-dropping in-studio footage, Travis has opted to perform an incredible play-along medley of three new Darkest Hour songs- "Rapture in Exile", "The Misery We Make" & "Futurist".  These hard-hitting tracks can be found on Darkest Hour’s new album, a self-titled effort that stands as Travis Orbin’s studio debut with the metal heavyweights.  Travis’ latest drumming masterpiece can be viewed below.

As seen in the video, Travis is slamming away on his Vision Birch (VBL) drums- the same kit he relied upon during Darkest Hour’s summer run on the 2014 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival Tour- with a setup consisting of a 20x18 bass drum, 14x14 floor tom, 16x16 floor tom and topped off with a 14x6.5 Sensitone Elite brass snare drum.  More information on Travis Orbin can be found here.