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12 Jul

Torry Castellano Retires From The Donnas

Hey All,

This is a very difficult message for me to write. As many of you already know, I've been dealing with a painful shoulder injury for the last 2 years and I have had to take time off from playing the drums. I have tried numerous different therapies, including physical therapy, sometimes up to 3 times a week, trigger point shots, exercises, and rest, but none of them have gotten me to a place where I can play again. Unfortunately, unlike when I had my wrist problems, there is no specific surgery that can help with my shoulder.

As I am still in pain, my doctors have come to the conclusion that I cannot play the drums anymore because if I continue I will be in pain for the rest of my life. After much thought and many conversations with the other girls I have decided I have to retire. My retirement has brought me a lot of sadness because I love playing the drums and being a part of the Donnas' family, which of course includes all of you. I've loved all the experiences that we've had together and I really want to thank all of you for your support and the fun times. Even though I can't play anymore, I would never want the other girls to have to give up something that they love and I know that they will continue to make and play great rock 'n roll.

I've had to think about what I'm going to do now. While I have been resting my shoulder, I've been taking some classes and doing this has really helped me to have something to put my energies into. I've decided to continue with this, and I will be starting Stanford University in the fall. I know that I'll miss living near the other girls, but I'll be seeing them and the rest of you at their future Bay Area shows. No matter what, I will always be a Donna and be a part of the Donnas' family. I know you guys will continue to support the band and I'll be there too, as the #1 Donnaholic.



It’s bitter-sweet to say goodbye to Torry but we know that she has fantastic new adventures ahead of her.

Ever since joining the Pearl Family, Torry continued to be one of our most popular drummers and she was always a big supporter of the company. Since 1993, The Donnas have been reinforcing their reputation as a band who were unapologetic about their sound, look, and direction... and just played rock & roll music! Torry also created some of the most dynamic touring kits and was a pioneer artist in the Masterworks Series program. She and their whole organization have always been incredibly gracious and kind to us.

Pearl Corporation wishes her the very best on behalf of us all worldwide...

Torry - you're the best!