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11 Jul

Tommy Lee Debuts 'The Cruecifly Kit'

With the kickoff of Motley Crue’s monumental “All Bad Things Must Come to an End” final tour, Pearl Artist and iconic rockstar, Tommy Lee unveiled his incredible new Pearl E-Pro Live drum kit and borderline-insane new rollercoaster rig- “The Cruecifly.”  Tommy Lee, once again, has put Pearl’s quality and innovation through the ultimate test with his latest maddening spectacle, relying on the now-roller-coaster-tested and proven technology of Pearl’s E-Pro Live electronic drums which offer Tommy the feel of an acoustic drum set- courtesy of Pearl’s Tru Trac Drumheads- but with a surplus of options when it comes to sound.

Given the rare task of needing to design a drum set that flips upside-down while suspended 60 feet above the ground, and travels the length of an arena floor, Tommy’s latest E-Pro Live drum set went through a rigorous series of tests before finally hitting the stage.  Originally assembled at Pearl’s headquarters in Nashville, TN, and then shipped out to Pearl’s West Coast Artist Relations Office in Los Angeles, “The Cruecifly Kit”- as it’s being called- went through an exhausting series of tests and configurations in order to determine several necessary factors including width and length of the drums in proportion to the riser, weight distribution, playability and the reaction of the drums while upside down and traveling, and, Tommy’s comfortably behind the kit. Pictures of this kit building process, along with a video of Tommy testing the kit’s lighting system, can be found below.

Motley Crue’s “All Bad Things Must Come to an End” final tour is currently making its way around North America, and a full list of remaining tour dates can be found at For more information on Tommy Lee, please click here.