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27 May

Todd Sucherman Rocks with Styx

Everyone who has turned on a radio in their life has undoubtedly heard of Styx, and if not, you’ve still probably heard one of their many hit songs. This fact lies in the thousands of fans who watched Styx rock out the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles last Friday. For a band that has been around since the 70’s, you would think that Styx had already pulled out all the stops on their countless sold out tours around the world. In the case of the “Can’t Stop Rockin Tour”, Styx, with special guests .38 Special, pulled out even more stops than before. As if the hit songs weren’t enough for the crowd, Styx stormed into the Nokia Theater crowd keeping the 6,000 on their feet throughout the entire hour and a half set list leaving the crowd satisfied, but still hungry for more.

Pearl Artist Todd Sucherman took his familiar place behind his Pearl Masterworks kit throughout the night as he awed and amazed us all with his technical playing, solid time keeping, and ferocious drum rolls and fills. Moving around the kit with ease, Todd approaches each part to the Styx set brilliantly, keeping the originality of the classics and opening up to a more technical style when appropriate. For most people it’s hard to equate a drummer with a particular drum set, however in the case of Todd Sucherman, most can picture Todd’s Masterworks kit just at the drop of his name. The Masterworks kit that Todd uses is finished in a Natural Bubinga which is complimented perfectly by gold lugs and rims. The sizes and specifications of Todd’s kit are as follow:

Masterworks Series
*2-ply bubinga outer/4-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
**2-ply bubinga outer/6-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
***2-ply bubinga outer/16-ply maple inner/2-ply bubinga
22x18 bass drum** x 2 (10-ply shell)
8x7 tom* (8-ply shell)
8x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
10x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
12x8 tom* (8-ply shell)
14x14 floor tom** (10-ply shell)
16x16 floor tom** (10-ply shell)
20x14 gong drum** (10-ply shell)
14x5.5 snare drum*** (20-ply shell)
12x5 snare drum* (8-ply shell)

As this kit is seen in majority of Todd’s work, many have had the pleasure of hearing the beautiful mix of tones that Todd is able to produce from the drums. The highs of the smaller rack toms descend perfectly into the lows of Todd’s floor toms which are necessary for Todd’s technical playing style and approach to each piece. The 20x14 gong drum is the perfect accent for adding extra depth to his floor toms where as his 12x5 snare drum is great for accenting rolls with a higher pitched crack. Todd’s 14x5.5 main snare drum offers a surprising amount of body for its mid-sized depth, and it offers the perfect tone for picking out all of Todd’s intricate rudiments and fills.

The Can’t Stop Rockin’ Tour continues on throughout North America until July 12th, and Styx already has tour dates planned for the remainder of 2009. This being said, it seems safe to say that they will be coming to a town near you and if you’re looking for a night of great music, an entertaining show, and some of the best drumming on the planet, mark your calendar for when tickets go on sale. For more information on Styx, please visit and for more information on Todd Sucherman please visit Also check out Todd’s amazing instructional DVD titled, “Methods and Mechanics for Useful Musical Drumming” which is available at most music stores.