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07 Aug

TJ Hartmann Delivers Drummer-Friendly Cover of Beck Favorite

Pearl Artist, TJ Hartmann, has uploaded a masterfully interpreted drum play-along video of the Beck classic, “Dreams” which can be viewed below.  TJ- who joined the Pearl Drums Artist Roster back in 2012 during his tenure with the Ohio-based pop/rock band, Needmore- turned this fan-favorite song into a very drummer-friendly rendition, adding complex polyrhythms and altered phrasing throughout the entirety of the track.  TJ explains further:

“I had some fun interjecting some 3:4 Polyrhythms on top of this tune. It really seemed to lend itself to some of the grooves. I used the polyrhythms in my left foot for the Verses, Ride Bell on the Chorus' and Modulated the entire groove to the 3 at the ending phrase of the song. There are also some other 3:4 fill ideas and phrasing mixed in throughout. Enjoy!”

TJ Hartmann turned to his trustworthy Twilight Fade Reference Series drums for the recording of this track, supported by the near-indestructible ICON Rack System, and topped with a 14x5 Reference Series snare drum, serving as his main snare, and a secondary 14x6.5 Sensitone Brass snare drum with a Sabian Hoop Crasher.  More information TJ Hartmann, including full specs on his Reference Series setup, can be found here.