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02 May

The Making of the Omar Hakim Experience

World renown drummer and Pearl artist, Omar Hakim, released a behind the scenes video this week detailing his experience in creating his latest solo album We Are One. This 7 minute long documentary style video, which can be viewed and downloaded here, takes viewers through the lengthy 8 year long writing and recording process of the new album, leading up to the band’s album release show in Omar’s hometown of New York City.
In regards to his approach to the new album, Omar Hakim states: “I always try to play from a spontaneous emotional place so that the tunes feel like they’re happening at that moment that they’re not planned at all. And as a result, in a live performance, they’re always going to be different. And I guess that’s really what the spirit of jazz is at the end of the day. And though it wasn’t my goal to make a jazz record, per se, I think that my jazz upbringing kind of informs everything I’m doing whether I’m playing rock or funk or whatever. The part of jazz that makes you explore possibilities of a musical idea, that ‘in-the-moment-ness’ of jazz, gives you a wider palette to work with musically and technically.”

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