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04 May

The Chickenfoot Kit Is Done!

By now you've heard about Chad Smith's new band Chickenfoot.. but what about his kit? For such a unique blend of musicians, you need a unique kit to take on tour so Chad enlisted to help of Orange County Choppers painter Nub. You may have already seen his work on kits for Mike Wengren of Disturbed and the massive 'Phoenix Blue' Masterworks NAMM show kit. His company Nub Grafix is a paint, airbrush, gold leaf, and pinstriping company specializing in custom choppers and motorcycles.

Chickenfoot is the new supergroup featuring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith. The band will take the stage for a limited number of European and US live shows, featuring music from their self-titled debut album, Chickenfoot, set for a June 9th release. Although Chad recently used an MCX Masters Series Diamond Glitter kit in rehearsals, he plans to debut his new custom painted Masterworks Series kit very soon.

Nub agreed to take you on his journey of making Chad's Chickenfoot tour kit and we provided daily updates through each stage of the process.

Picture Index
Pic 1 - Normally raw shells would be used but finished shells were used to expedite the process.
Pic 2 - Nub has taken the shells and removed the hardware, heads, and badges and sanded off the outer veneer.
Pic 3 - The shells have been wiped clean of excess from the sanding process.
Pic 4  - All of the shells are masked to prevent any paint from adhering to the inside or bearing edges.
Pic 5 - Remaining holes in the shells are masked and ready for the paint booth.
Pic 6 & 7 - Each shell is individually set-up to receive the first coat of paint.
Pic 8 - All the shells have been sprayed with a black primer...
Pic 9 - The shells are masked with master template to apply the next layer....
Pic 10 - ...and the airhole side as well.
Pic 11 - With the master template off, the shells are ready for the silver leaf.
Pic 12 - The white area is where the silver leaf will be applied.
Pic 13 - Now that the white sticky layer is in place, the silver leaf is next.
Pic 14 - Slowly and carefully taken off...
Pic 15 - ...and the shell is ready to be brushed.
Pic 16 - The excess silver leaf is taken away.
Pic 17 - Nub using a soft brush to create swirl patterns in the silver leaf.
Pic 18 - You can see the swirl details on the badge side of the shell.
Pic 19 - Moving on to the bass drum, the silver leaf has already been applied and is ready to removed.
Pic 20 - Nub says 'I am using a piece of cotton to burnish the silver leaf to a nice shine before I start to do the engine turning on it.'
Pic 21 - 'All of the shells have a midcoat of clear over the silver leaf before I started the striping . This protects it from my finger dragging over it.' adds Nub
Pic 22 - Then the very fine art of pinstriping starts..
Pic 23 - You can see the artwork starting to match the concept piece.
Pic 24 - 'I lay out my design on the top with a chalk pencil before I started to pinstripe.'
Pic 25 - With that much laser beam attention to pinstriping, you have to relieve some energy!! 
Pic 26 - Watch as the drum is magically pinstriped in seconds...
Pic 27-31 Abra-ca-dabra! Hocus Pocus!
Pic 31 - Here are two of the shells completed with red pinstripes.
Pic 32 - Here's another look at the shells...
Pic 33 - Nub explains 'Just striping and adding the first coats of clear......gonna let them sit tonight, then sand them, retape the edges, and reclear with the matte finish clear.'
Pic 34-42 Nub now begins the white pinstriping...
Pic 43-45 Now to start on the bass drum...
Pic 46 - It's not 'Nub Approved' without this signature!
Pic 47 - Two more shells to pinstripe in white and are closer to be put back together.
Pic 48 - Now all the shells have white pinstripes...
Pic 49 - A family shot...
Pic 50 - Here's the floor tom up close...
Pic 51 - The bass drum and floor tom...
Pic 52 - A tight shot of the bass drum design...
Pic 53 The shells are brought back in the spray booth for clear coating.
Pic 54 - We're very close to the end...
Pic 55 - Nub explains 'Here are the shells with the clearcoat sanded...
Pic 56 - (here's the other side of the bass drum)
Pic 57 - ...and waiting for the matte finish.'
Pic 58 - You'll have to jump through these if you want to play Chad's kit!
Pic 59 - Here's a quick look of the almost-finished product 'I want to take them outside for some nicer pics but want to make sure they are dry enough before I really start handling them.' says Nub.
Pic 60 - Before the hardware is put back on the shells...
Pic 61 -'s a close-up at the finished artwork!!
Pic 62 - The drums are back at Pearl HQ and the hardware is being put on...
Pic 63 - A little badge action...
Pic 64 - Up next... the floor tom!
Pic 65-74 In the Pearl Showroom... ready to rock!

Our thanks to Nub, Chad, & Chickenfoot for all of their assistance! You can catch Chad Smith's Chickenfoot Tour Kit this summer!