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18 May

T.R.A.P. Presents To DDNA Conference

Pearl Corporation and T.R.A.P. were proud presenters at this year’s DDNA (Developmental Disabled Nurses Association) at their annual conference in Orlando FL this past May 9th - 12th. The 700 attendees are part of a certified group of nurses whose specialty is caring for those living with disabilities. Eddie Tuduri, the founder of T.R.A.P., was one of the featured speakers and he conducted actual T.R.A.P. facilitations educating the nurses first-hand on how powerful and rewarding the program can be.

Also in attendance was Pearl Percussion Artist Jose Rosa and his family. Jose is a T.R.A.P. facilitator for the Orlando area where he and his wife Maria have started a local program called Gifted Kids. They have recently instituted T.R.A.P. into their curriculum with tremendous success.

Please visit these organizations to see how you can take part:

T.R.A.P. - T.R.A.P. at the Pearl Website
Developmental Disabled Nurses Association -
Gifted Kids -