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23 Oct

Slipknot: ?All Hope Is Gone?

The band's fourth album, All Hope Is Gone, has claimed the coveted #1 debut slot on Billboard's Top 200 chart, after an extraordinary SoundScan recount.

The album was initially announced  as a #2 debut, a mere 13 units behind The Game's #1 debut, marking the closest margin in SoundScan history. The chart positions resulted from a reported 238,272 copies of All Hope Is Gone its first week in stores, while The Game's LAX reported 238,285. With such an unprecedented margin, Roadrunner Records and WEA requested a historic recount. SoundScan obliged and chart positions have been reversed, with Slipknot claiming #1 and a new margin of 1134 albums. Final recount numbers are 239,516 for All Hope Is Gone and 238,382 for LAX sold during first week of release. This marks a landmark achievement for Slipknot and Roadrunner.

After over 5 million albums sold in the US, Slipknot returns with their most powerful statement yet - All Hope Is Gone. Filled with the fury people have come to expect from Slipknot as well as some extraordinary surprises, this album is the culmination of the band’ s 9 unique members, three platinum albums and their 10 year journey at the top of the Hard Rock genre. Kicked off by the powerful crescendo that is Execute and Gematria (The Killing Name) and ending with the blistering track All Hope Is Gone - the album is a cohesive statement about the world today and truly cements the band as one of Rock’s heavyweights. The lead single Psychosocial will propel the new album to match and exceed the success of the last album, Vol 3: Subliminal Verses which produced numerous Top 20 songs at Rock radio including a Top 5 track at Active and Modern Rock radio.

Click here for the "Pyschosocial" video....