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14 Aug

Ryan Van Poederooyen Releases Live Drum-Cam Footage with the Devin Townsend Project

Pearl Artist, Ryan Van Poederooyen, has released some spectacular overhead drum-cam footage, filmed during a recent tour stop with the Devin Townsend Project, which can be viewed below.  Performing the high-tempo track, “Ziltoid Goes Home”, live from the Jovel Music Hall in Munster, Germany, Ryan Van Poederooyen shows off just-some of his seemingly endless drumming talents throughout the entirety of this video, with his furious footwork, blazing drum fills and truly impeccable timing standing out as just some of the highlights.  In regards to the video, Ryan states:

“I hope you guys enjoy this new video. I love playing this song live and it was by far my favourite song off of the 'Dark Matters' album. There is a little bit of everything in this song.... fast double bass drumming, cool fills and lots of tasty grooves. I always try to groove with anything I play, whether it be a fast, medium or slow beat.... it's all about feel, groove and being rock solid at all times while playing for the song.”

For the entirety of this recent European run, and as seen and heard in the drum-cam footage below, Ryan Van Poederooyen relied upon a beautiful set of Reference Series drums, topped with a 14x6.5 Reference Series Brass snare drum, a 14x6.5 Reference Series secondary snare drum, and held together with Pearl’s highly dependable ICON Rack System.  More information on Ryan Van Poederooyen can be found here.