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23 Oct

Richard Bravo Tracks his way to five Grammy Nominations

Pearl Percussion Artist, Richard Bravo, has recorded his way to a -highly impressive- five Latin Grammy Nominations for the course of his work throughout the year.  Included in this list is Latin Pop superstar, Juanes, who Richard has toured and recorded with over the course of the past two years and is nominated for the categories of “Best Pop/Rock Album”, and “Best Rock Song.”  Richard Bravo is also nominated twice under the category of “Best New Artist” for his work with Periko & Jessi Leon and Julio Cesar, along with being nominated for “Best Contemporary Tropical Album.”  A full list of Richard Bravo’s 2014 Latin Grammy Nominations can be found below.

•    Best Rock/Pop Album: Loco De Amor – Juanes
•    Best Rock Song: “Mil Pedazos” - Juanes
•    Best New Artist: Periko & Jessi Leon
•    Best New Artist: Julio Cesar
•    Best Contemporary Tropical Album: Todo Empieza Sonando- Julio Cesar

Along with the handful of Latin Grammy Nominations, Richard Bravo’s high-demand percussion skills can also be heard on the CW Network’s new hit TV show “Jane the Virgin” which debuted to critical acclaim this past Monday night.  The show features music from the most recent Juanes album, Loco de Amor, which Richard Bravo recorded in early 2014.  More information on Richard Bravo can be found here.  Congrats Richard!!