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06 Mar

Rafael Pereira Launches Tribo Records

Pearl Percussion Artist, Rafael Pereira, has launched his own record label, Tribo Records, which comes as part of Ropeadope Record’s expanding family of labels.  Tribo Records will serve as a hub for US-based Brazilian and Latin American artists hand selected by Rafael Pereira and brought in to record in his Atlanta based studio. In regards to the launch, Rafael states:

“Tribo Records was born of a need to fulfill the connection between the Latin American and the American music landscapes. Tribo (tree-bo) meaning ‘tribe’ in Portuguese as well as Spanish becomes the perfect name, as it suggests, to bring people together in the truest sense of the word. As music becomes more trans-global, a tribe of modern artists create their own music and generate their own networks. The label not only releases Latin American artists wanting to expand their music to American listeners, but it also works in reverse bringing music made by Latin American musicians living in the United States back into their respective countries and then a step further by presenting the music to the world. The magic word here is ‘connect’. So, plug in your headphones and start listening to a world of passionate, real music.”

Tribo Records will serve as Rafael Pereira’s primary focus during his time away from the road alongside Janelle Monae, who he toured without throughout the majority of 2014.  More information on Rafael Pereira, including full specs on his Pearl percussion setup, can be found here.