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16 Apr

Pearl and Papa Roach are Number 1

 Tony Palermo and the guys from Papa Roach have been at the top of the R&R Active Rock charts for 2 weeks with their number one single “Lifeline”.

“Lifeline” is the 2nd single from Papa Roach’s new CD titled “Metamorphosis”. The “Metamorphosis” CD debuted at Number 8 on the Billboard charts just last month…

The “Lifeline” video is the Number 1 most played video on Fuse…..

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix explains, "While we were writing Metamorphosis in early 2008, the band was very aware of the grave issue of our economy's downward spiral. It was literally right in front of us in my hometown of Sacramento. Houses left and right were foreclosing with families left on their asses out in the cold, which inspired me to write the lyrics to 'Lifeline.'" He continues, "Other tracks on the album such as 'Change or Die,' 'Had Enough' and 'March Out Of The Darkness' also tap into the struggles so many people are facing in these difficult economic times."