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21 Dec

Papa Roach Live in Los Angeles

Last week, legendary rockers Papa Roach rocked a packed Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles, Ca. Hot off the success of their latest album “Metamorphosis”, which included the hit single “Lifeline”, Papa Roach has been practically living on the road, sharing a stage with such acts as Nickelback, Hinder, and Motley Crue. Being known as one of the most powerful and aggressive live bands of the past decade, Papa Roach has built an empire over the last 10 years with their hit singles, platinum records, and hard hitting live show that leaves everyone begging for more.

Tony Palermo is the hard-hitting time-keeper for Papa Roach and, although he’s only been bashing the skins for Papa Roach for 2 years, his explosive and power driven drumming have helped to bring Papa Roach back to the top of the rock charts. Tony is currently out with his completely custom Pearl Masterworks kit. This kit, which was first seen on the Nickelback tour, consists of a 14x10 rack tom, 16x14 floor tom, 18x14 floor tom, and a MASSIVE sounding 26x16 kick drum. For snares, Tony often switches between his 20 ply, 14x8 Reference snare and his 14x6.5 Ultracast Aluminum snare. The shells on Tony’s Masterworks kit are made of 6 plies of pure maple which makes the drums sound deep and warm, much like the shells of a Masters MCX kit or a Vision VMX. Another feature that set’s this kit apart from any other is the beautiful black sparkle over cherry finish that Tony created. Although the red background is very subtle, when the stage lights hits the kit just right the kit seems to glow with a beautiful eye-catching reddish hue that is hard not to stare at.

Nearing the end of another incredibly successful year for Papa Roach means that only bigger things are to come in 2010. However, before the year comes to a close Papa Roach is heading out on the road with another phenomenal band featuring another phenomenal Pearl artist: Barry Kerch and Shinedown. Shinedown and Papa Roach will be joining forces for 7 dates around the US so be sure to look online at for more details. Also be sure to pick up Papa Roach’s new album “Metamorphosis” which is available everywhere music is sold.