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20 Nov

Nate Morton releases ‘Barracuda’ Drum-Cam Footage

For all drummers worldwide, the Holidays have come early this year!  Nate Morton- the exceptional drummer behind NBC’s hit show, The Voice- has released some phenomenal drum cam footage, performing the Heart classic “Barracuda”, which can be viewed below.  This footage was filmed during, contestant, Kota Wade’s performance in the knockout round, where she, faced off against another member of her team in hopes of advancing to the Top 12 Finals. 

Midway through Season 8 of The Voice, and much to our enjoyment, Nate’s tech, Steve “Steevo” Morrison, started setting up Go-Pro cameras around Nate’s massive main-stage Reference Pure kit to capture the sheer brilliance of Nate’s work behind the kit.  The result being a series of jaw-dropping, drummer-friendly videos that every drummer needs to see.  In regards to this latest video of his “Barracuda” drum-cam footage, Nate states:

“I don't have a lot to say about this video other than, "Rock ROCKS!" Steevo and I have more than one GoPro camera now, so we can mess around with multiple angles, hence the foot cam! Good tymez and well done Steevo! I pretty much just play pocket... that's kinda my gig... so, here's a little rock pocket for your enjoyment!” – Nate Morton

As mentioned, in this video below, Nate Morton is slamming away on his beautiful and custom Reference Pure main-stage kit, which ranges from tom sizes 10”-18”, with an added 20x14 gong drum, and both 22” and 20” bass drums.  More information on Nate Morton, including full specs on his beautiful Reference Pure drum set, can be found here.