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10 Jul

Mudvayne’s Matt McDonough Returns with Audiotopsy

Metal drumming icon, Matt McDonough has returned!  Armed with a fresh new track and soon-to-be-released album, Matt McDonough introduces Audiotopsy, and the band’s debut single “Headshot”, which can be heard here.  Featuring Matt’s fellow Mudvayne bandmate, guitarist, Greg Tribbett, along with Skrape vocalist Billy Keeton and bassist Perry Stern, Audiotopsy’s “Headshot” will be featured on the band’s debut album, Natural Causes, which is scheduled to hit the shelves on August 28th, courtesy of Napalm Records.  Natural Causes is available for pre-order here.

For Matt McDonough, Audiotopsy stands as his return to the drumming spotlight for the first time since 2009, following the indefinite hiatus of the hard-rock/metal heavyweights, Mudvayne.  Known for his remarkable footwork, quick hands, and technical use of complex time signatures, Matt’s unmistakable drumming style played a major part of Mudvayne’s monumental success, making him one of the most highly regarded drummers in the hard rock scene.  More information on Matt McDonough, including specs on his one-of-a-kind Masterworks Series drums, can be found here.