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11 Feb

Michael Cartellone's New Reference Series Kit

Hello Fellow Drummers,

I hope this finds you all well. Well, it’s February and cold here in New York City. However, I’m happy to say I’ve been working up a good sweat, woodshedding at the kit.

I’m even happier to say, I’ve been working up that sweat in my recently acquired drum room. Believe me, living in NYC and having your own, 24 hour access drum room, is Hot Property. As luck would have it, there is a large factory near my apartment, which has been converted into Artist Loft Space. I’ve rented a room, large enough to store all my gear and have a kit set up to practice. Life Is Good.

For those of you with drumming volume concerns and angry neighbors, you may be curious to know what I did to the room before moving in. First of all, I filled the space above the dropped acoustic tiled ceiling with two layers of spun fiberglass insulation. Then, I layered the perimeter walls with thick, sound insulating blankets and over the top of that, hung two layers of used Velour Movie Theater curtains (you can buy anything online). Needless to say, the room is tight and dead. Perfect for drumming and saving your ears. I even go one step further, and tape paper plates on the underside of the batter heads. This way, the drums still respond physically, but not audibly!

Now the fun part: I’m woodshedding, preparing for this year’s Lynyrd Skynyrd tour on my new kit! I had a custom kit made this year, from the white on white Reference Series line. The one difference is, I had them use black gaskets instead of the red they offered. I couldn’t be happier with the kit and the configuration. I’ve attached a teaser photo, but you’ll have to come out to see the band in concert to see the full kit- and you’ll be happy you did!

Best Wishes,