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10 Nov

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour

Pearl artist Andreas Brobjer, and pop icon Lady Gaga, are teaming up once again for another massive US and European tour. The Monster Ball Tour featuring Lady Gaga and supporting act, Kid Cudi, will consist of 51 dates starting on November 16th, continuing through the holidays, and carrying into the early days of April 2010. With almost every show already selling out in a matter of minutes, it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga is standing on top of the Pop music podium with no end in sight.

Andreas Brobjer will be providing the backbeat for Lady Gaga on this lengthy run. Having already toured the world playing some of the biggest stages with Lady Gaga throughout the summer, Andreas’ rock approach to Gaga’s pop hits have become a staple to the live performance. Andreas will be out rocking his Granite Sparkle Reference Series set up which consists of a 24x18 kick drum, 16x16 floor tom, and a 14x6.5 Reference Series Steel snare. The simplistic set up allows for Andreas to simplify his parts and focus on adding a little more groove and a little more of a rock feel to the songs. For more information on Lady Gaga, and for a full list of tour dates, please visit her website at or on Myspace at