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04 Dec

KISS Invades Anaheim on the Alive 35 Tour

The phrase “words can’t describe it” has a whole new meaning when talking about a KISS concert. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Kiss’ Alive 35 Tour which is currently touring around the US, and soon to be invading Europe. Kiss has made more than a career out of being in a rock band, they have made it a lifestyle with a cult following consisting of some of the most adoring and dedicated fans on the planet. Kiss defies exactly what it is to be in a rock band and their live show has always left fans in awe and amazement. From the fireworks and the flames to the spinning drum riser and rising stage sections, it’s safe to say that Kiss is back.

To play in one of the biggest rock acts of all time means that you constantly have to be on top of your game at all times. It’s easy to say that most players couldn’t handle the constant drumming for 2 straight hours, a 5 minute long drum solo, singing backup vocals on every song (and leads on 4), having explosions and fireworks constantly going off, and 20,000 people watching your every move. Then again, not everyone can be like Eric Singer. With the aforementioned necessities of vocals and stamina that are required for a Kiss concert, Eric not only displays his skills around the kit with his tremendous fills and solid timekeeping, but also as an entertainer with flashes of showmanship included on almost every crash of a cymbal or flip of a stick. His kit for the Alive 35 tour is almost as eye catching as his playing. With a Smoked Acrylic Masters Premium kit, Eric’s drums are sure to attract the attention of the 20,000 strong in the crowd as it turns from looking almost solid black to transparent with a flash of the lights. Eric’s sizes for this Smoked Acrylic Masters kit are as follow:

Eric Singer’s Alive 35 Tour Kit:
(2)24x15 bass drum
8x8 tom (left of hi-hat)
10x8 tom (left of hi-hat)
12x8 tom
13x8.5 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 acrylic free floating snare

The 24x15 kick drums allow Eric to have a combination of the attack you get from a 24x14, combined with the punch and boom you get from a 24x16 or 24x18. Although argued by some to be too bright the acrylic shells that make up this kit seemed to have the perfect amount of pitch which lead to beautiful sounding transitions and rolls from the high tom to low floor toms. Eric’s 14x6.5 acrylic free floating snare drum held a snappy amount of pop and crack, while still sounding full bodied and warm. In total, the brightness of the acrylic shells are the perfect mix when playing in massive arenas and stadiums and they held up beautifully throughout Eric’s continual hard hitting.

The Alive 35 tour is continuing on in the US for only a couple more dates, however, starting in early May of 2010 Kiss will be heading overseas to capture audiences on a 2 month long European tour. For more information and for tour dates, please visit or on Myspace at Also be sure to pick up your very own copy of Kiss’ latest album “Sonic Boom” which features such singles as “Modern Day Delilah” and “Say Yeah”.