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31 Jan

Kickstarter-funded 'Pacific Mambo Orchestra' Wins Grammy

The Pacific Mambo Orchestra, a San Francisco-based Latin big band featuring Pearl Percussion Artists Christian Pepin and Omar Ledezma, brought home a coveted Grammy Award last weekend under the category of  ‘Best Tropical Latin Album’, beating out all of the biggest names in the genre.

Pacific Mambo Orchestra’s self-titled debut has recorded sales of only 341 copies- along with another 116 digital copies that were sent to their Kickstarter backers who helped the group raise the $11,000 needed to record the album- however, the Pacific Mambo Orchestra stole the attention of the Recording Academy voters after sending in a consideration campaign video using the website. 

Christian Tumalan, a classical and jazz-trained pianist and a founder of the Pacific Mambo Orchestra, told Billboard, “This Grammy is a victory not just for us but for independent artists everywhere. We want it to deliver hope to all of those artists in their home studios and garages. We’re independent and we made it happen.”

“Nobody knew about Pacific Mambo Orchestra and we were aware we were competing with some of the biggest names in the Latin music industry,” Tumalan explained. “So we needed to have a more close connection with GRAMMY voters in the hopes that they would take a leap to listening to our record. We went to conferences, we talked to people, we reached out to people on Facebook and Twitter. It was a lot of conscious work.”

For more information on Pacific Mambo Orchestra, please visit their official website at  a HUGE congrats to Christian and Omar!!