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28 Oct

Just Call Him General Wuv

Of course you recognize Wuv and guitarist Marcos from the multi-platinum selling act P.O.D. but you may not know that Pearl Percussionist Tim Pacheco also toured with them as a percussionist/background vocalist/utility player. Tim had also been the longtime frontman for the San Diego jam/reggae based band Psydecar/Rasta Tim. From that mutal admiration, Southtown Generals were born... stay tuned for more information!

Vocalist/Percussionist/Trumpet Tim Pacheco
Drummer Wuv
Percussionist Ras Small
Keyboardist Jimmy Kiy
Guitarist Marcos Curiel
Bassist Dante Thomas
Guitarist Anders Pellmark

You'll see a number of Wuv's kits in their videos including his Black on Black Reference Series, Southtown Sparkle Masterworks Series, and his custom painted Antique Gold Masters Series. Tim still depends on his Tribal Designed Primero Pro Congas from his time touring with P.O.D.

Go to Southtown Generals' MySpace profile to hear songs from their upcoming release.