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10 Mar

Joey Jordison Signing at Guitar Center Hollywood

Joey Jordison is a rock star. But to the 1200+ people lined up at Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood on Saturday, he seemed to be more than that. Some say that Joey Jordison is the greatest metal drummer of all time and the line of people that went from Guitar Center’s front doors, down the street, and around the block would prove that theory. His blistering fast footwork and mysterious masked persona have kept people in awe for years, and for those lucky people who had waited in line for hours, they finally had their chance to meet one of the most popular drummers on the planet.   Joey has been a spectacle in the drumming community since Slipknot broke on to the scene in 1999. While out on tour Joey chooses to play Pearl drums and hardware to achieve perfect tones and durability night after night, stadium after stadium. For this particular Slipknot tour, Joey uses a Reference kit in Piano Black with custom Slipknot graphics. This kit includes an 8x7 tom, 10x8 tom, 12x9 tom, 14x10 tom, 16x16 floor tom, 18x16 floor, two 22x18 bass drums, and his signature 13x6.5 steel snare drum. Joey also uses a 20x14 gong drum, a mixture of quarter toms, and an alternate 14x6.5 Reference Series snare drum. A massive kit to pull off the hard-hitting, fist-clenching rock that Slipknot provides night after night.   Joey’s influence on the metal world certainly had its impact in Hollywood on Saturday with throngs of people waiting outside in the heat for hours just for a brief glimpse of their favorite drummer. The 1200+ attending the meet and greet greeted Joey with handfuls of articles to sign, and even though Joey was only allowed to sign 1 autograph due to time constraints, fans showed their adoration for the foot-frenzied drummer by rocking their Slipknot attire. The “rock star” moment of the day was watching Joey sign tattoos of himself that fans had gotten on their arms, legs, and other body parts to show their dedication and adoration for the drummer, and the band.    Gracing the cover of every drumming magazine around the world has earned Joey numerous drumming awards and credibility from his fans and fellow drummers. Stirring up mayhem and pandemonium in every arena and stadium around the globe, Joey and Slipknot have taken the metal world by storm and have easily become one of the biggest metal acts of all time. If you haven’t seen them in concert, do yourself a favor and visit their website ( or myspace ( for all tour dates. Also be sure to pick up their latest release “All Hope is Gone” which is in stores now wherever music is sold.