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18 Jun

Joe Tomino is Pulling Double Duty with Dub Trio & Matisyahu

Last night I had the opportunity to see Pearl artist Joe Tomino rock out with 2 different bands in one night…That’s right, double duty. His first set was with Dub Trio, a 3-piece instrumental band that expands their playing from metal, to dub, to progressive rock and challenges even the most single-minded genre fans to rock along to their broad range of musical influences. As if Joe’s playing with Dub Trio wasn’t challenging and tiring enough, Joe took the stage again an hour later to groove along with Matisyahu to the packed house of 2500 for another 2 hours.

Joe’s playing was as solid as rock and serving double duty on stage, with two different acts, really defined Joe’s versatility as a drummer and a musician. Most wouldn’t believe that the same guy who was rocking out and slamming through odd time signatures in Dub Trio was the same guy who was lying low and grooving out with Matisyahu. That is, of course, if they saw it with their own eyes…which they luckily did. With the need of wide ranges of tones, Joe chooses to play the Pearl Reference for both sets. Proving that the Reference Series can sound perfect regardless of the scenario, Joe’s drums sounded explosive and deep when with Dub Trio and warm and well rounded while with Matisyahu. Joe’s current set up is as follows:

Reference Series in Twilight Fade (#143)
13x10 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
22x18 Kick Drum
14x5 Reference Series Wood Snare

Joe also uses a Pearl Elite Brass Timbale and a 14x6.5 Ultracast Aluminum snare for extra body. Joe will be playing double duty with both Dub Trio and Matisyahu until mid-July. To find out more about Dub Trio please visit, or For more information on Matisyahu please check out or