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21 May

Jimmy DeGrasso's New Alice Cooper Kit

Jimmy Degrasso of Alice Cooper sets the bar, once again, with another gorgeous and one-of-a-kind Reference Series kit set to be debuted on the Gruesome Twosome tour featuring Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. Jimmy’s kit is made of Reference Series specs and is finished in a custom Red Sparkle lacquer with nickel plated tube lugs…That’s right, I said “nickel plated tube lugs”. The specs of this kit, which differ from the sizes Jimmy has been seen plying throughout the worldwide touring with Alice Cooper, are as follow:

Reference Series Drums: Custom Red Sparkle lacquer
Hardware: Nickel Plated Tube Lugs

24x15 kick drum (x2)
8x7- Rack Tom (left side)
10x8- Rack Tom (left side)
12x8- Rack Tom
13x9- Rack Tom
15x13- Floor Tom
16x14- Floor Tom
20x14- Gong Drum (not pictured)

Snare Drums:
13x7- maple/birch
14x5- Reference specs (wood shell)
14x5.5- Brass Jimmy DeGrasso Signature Snare (in custom Black Plating)

Along with the aforementioned specs and obvious customized aesthetic features; Jimmy added custom sized rocket toms to both the left and the right sides of his set up, as well as, his custom 24x15 kick drums which help to add more punch and attack than the traditional 24x16 and 24x18 sized kick drums.

As mentioned earlier, this new kit can be seen on the Gruesome Twosome Tour which features Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie (with Pearl artist Joey Jordison, of Slipknot fame, on drums). For more information on Jimmy and Alice Cooper, please visit them at their respective websites; and